La Colina

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One time condo fee payment

Pay $200 condo fees for one month.
(Plus PayPal service charge)

Pay $600 condo fees for three months.
(Plus PayPal service charge)


Paid for unit #

Condo fee paid for unit #

Pay any amount.

Automatic payment

Enter unit number. Amount in next screen
(Must multiply by 1.056 for service charge)

Subscribe for $200 monthly payments
(Plus PayPal service charge)

Paying for unit #


Condo fee auto-pay subscription for unit #


Active corporation tax payment

Pay Assessment.

Pay $410 or $205 corporation tax.
(Plus PayPal service charge)

Choose the assessment and enter unit #
Multiply $ by 1.056 and enter in next screen

Corporation type
Unit #
Corporation #


Assessment type

Assessment for unit #