Sending your proxies for AGM 2017

Dear homeowners,

to help you in mailing your proxies on time, you can send them directly to Sam who will take them to Costa Rica.

If you live in Canada, you can send them to Ash and he will forward them to Sam via FedEx overnight service.

Here are the addresses:

Sam Maghazei
11373 Charnock road,
Los Angeles, CA

Ashod Martirossian
432-3484 Des Sources Boul.
Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC
H9B 1Z9


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6 Responses to Sending your proxies for AGM 2017

  1. Sam says:

    Dear Ad-Hoc committee
    I have received several proposals from homeowners that would like them to be put on as ballot measures.

    1. Do we want to continue with the website at the present cost of $100 per month.
    2. One owner wants to increase dues to $220 a month from the present $200 to give us breathing room to upgrade our place.
    3. If legal advice by multiple attorneys states that in-house property management is legal and the HOA can have employees.
    Do we want in-house or an outside property manager?

    • Harry Campbell says:

      Hello Sam
      Please insure, that all members are aware that Feb. 22 is our AGM..and as per the meeting with the lawyers it is going forward …as I’m part of the Adhoc committee have this posted by our webmaster.

      • 7036 says:

        Sound good to me.
        2017 NO maintenance dues increase, 2017 NO assessment, fully legal permit and fully legal water. Keep HOA web site page.

        • Harry Campbell says:

          Can’t guarantee the assessment as we have an outstanding one from the last AGM still to be paid but if I was to get in before anymore more funds are released…I want to see a stamped approval of the work that has been completed already.

  2. Sam says:

    I more than anyone else need to know the meeting date if I am bringing proxy votes.
    I hope the ad-hoc committee can provide a legal meeting date (agreed by both attorneys) and we can have a civil and constructive meeting.

  3. Denise & Frank says:

    So, when is the meeting postponed to?
    Are our personerias still valid?

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