HOA Bank Info

BANK:                      Banco National de Costa Rica
Swift Number:        BNCRCRSJ
Bank address:         Avenidas 1 y 3, Calle 4, San José, Costa Rica
Bank Tel. No:          (506) 2212-2000

HOA Account #:     100-02-015-600553-1 (use for in bank deposits only)
Cuenta Cliente:       15101510026005533 (“Account #” use for between banks transfers)
IBAN:                        CR38 0151 0151 0026 0055 33
Beneficiary Tel:
Benef. address:      Playa Ocotal,Carrillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Our Official Name: Condominio Horizontal Vertical Residencial Dolce Vita
ID Number:             3-109-482971

Please make sure you add $17 if you use the wire option from outside Costa Rica, because BNCR has that charge for international wire transfers. Please find out from your bank if the wire will be routed via a subsidiary bank in US, because there will be another charge by that bank, so your total amount entering our HOA account will be reduced by the total charges for the wire operation. The easiest way for us to identify your international wire transfer is to add few cents to the total transfer and email us the amount, because the international wire deposits do not show any note from you.
You can find the list of direct corresponding banks by clicking here.
Please find out the transit bank charges before you wire the money to add it to the total amount along with $15 fee from BNCR for receiving it.
Please do not wire or deposit any amounts for condo care or utility payments to HOA BNCR account!

You can also pay your HOA fees using our online payment page.
Please read the following instructions to eliminate any mistakes and choose the right option:
You can pay your HOA fees online using your credit card at Ashtech Payments page.
*IMPORTANT* – If you are using “VLC HOA Assessment or balance due” option, you will be charged 5.2% on the payment amount.
You must have a membership account with Ashtech Payments to be able to make payments.
If you do not have an account, you can create one through this page.

Please note that the PayPal payments are suspended due to the Costa Rican banks not accepting PayPal transactions any longer.

If you need to calculate the IBAN number for another account, please use the following link:

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