Rules & Regulation

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Regulations incorporated into the official bylaws.

  1. These Condominium and Administrative regulations will be mandatory to each Property Owner as well as tenants, sub-lessees and occupants of the homeowner filial units and are governed by the Horizontal Property Act of Costa Rica.
  2. The Management Board which is elected by the homeowners is responsible for every Administrative Act for the Conservation of the Condominium.
  3. The Management Board will be responsible for maintaining the order of the Condominium and for assuring that the tranquillity of the property owners is not disturbed in any way.
  4. The Management Board is given authority to take the pertinent actions against those perturbing the order according to the provisions of Article 22 of the Horizontal Property Law including taking the necessary oust actions in case of repeated infractions.
  5. If a property owner wishes to sell or lease his property, he must communicate the details to the Management Board including each rental.

Regulations established by Management Boards in Support of the Bylaws On the grounds:

  1. All persons on the property will follow any instruction given by a staff member with proper identification. If an individual believes that an instruction was improper, it should still be followed. A report can then be made if the individual would like the incident to be reviewed.
  2. All persons on the property with the exception of homeowners, their families or their guests must have a form of identification ISSUED BY THE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION stating that they are authorized to be on condominium grounds. The procedures for obtaining said identification is the subject of a separate memorandum. Special Permission may be granted to the designated representative of real estate companies doing business on the property. This special permission does not apply to their employees or associates. A request to allow real estate company employee for an individual showing can be made by the company owner and will not be unreasonably denied.
  3. Only one car is authorized in the parking facilities per homeowner unit. No vehicle should block another vehicle from leaving a parking area.
  4. No pets are allowed without specific approval by the Management Board. Due to prior problems, the Board will rarely grant approval to a renter for a pet. There will be no “one time exceptions” because a renter was unaware of this regulation.
  5. All Costa Rican laws are expected to be obeyed while on Condominium Property. This includes the Costa Rica Anti Tobacco Law as well as drug laws.
  6. No skateboards, bicycle riding or motorized vehicles on the sidewalks or the pool decks, excluding motorized wheelchairs.
  7. No Sound Appliances of any kind outside of the homeowner units.
  8. No fireworks.
  9. Parties in the common areas will only be allowed after receiving approval of the Management Board
  10. Maintenance of Vehicles and Car Washing in the Parking Lots is prohibited.
  11. Our project is located in an area which is a home for a number of species of wildlife. Some of this wildlife can be dangerous, especially if the animal feels threatened. Nobody should interfere with the natural setting in any way. A staff member should be notified if there is an emergency situation.
  12. No nudity on the common grounds will be tolerated.

Pool and rancho areas:

  1. Swimming Pool Hours are from 8 am until 10 pm. Nobody should be in the pools when they are being maintained. Disclaimer: Everyone uses the pools at their own risk. The pools are shallow and there are no lifeguards.
  2. Showers are required before entering the pool.
  3. Absolutely no breakable tableware of any kind is allowed at the pool areas.
  4. No jumping or diving off the sides of the pools.
  5. No food in the pools
  6. Minors must be with a parent or guardian when they are using the pools.
  7. Children must be min. 3 years old and toilet trained to be in the pools.
  8. The waterfall area is not a playground, neither a shower.
  9. Any furniture temporarily moved from its designated area must be returned to its place.
  10. Improper use of furniture and equipment will result in fines for replacing damaged units.
  11. If you use suntan oils or lotions, please cover the beach chairs with a towel and shower after any oil application before entering the pool.
  12. Anything left overnight in the pool area will be discarded by the staff.

Landscaping and repairs:

  1. Any major repairs involving structural modifications or outside look change must be approved by the construction committee and Homeowners Association. Absolutely no construction is allowed on common grounds.
  2. Any obstruction or look change of common grounds by clothe lines, patios or parking pads will be removed by the maintenance personnel and the owner will be charged for the work, even if the change was done by a renter.
  3. No landscape watering will be allowed other than by the staff or automated sprinklers during the months from December through April. The planting is part of landscaping management and must be reserved to Administrative Board. If a homeowner wants to plant something on the common grounds or on their patio, it has to be done in a way that will not create obstruction or require special care. The safest way if it is approved by Management Board. This way the Management will have the responsibility to take care of that plant.
  4. The Condo Care Coop has authority to perform work inside of the units. Condo Care is not part of the Homeowners Association although the two organizations must work closely together.
  5. Patios and balconies may not be used for long term storage. The balcony railings are not clothe-racks. Dryer racks may be purchased at local hardware stores and should be taken inside when not in use.


  1. We advise everyone to notify Administration on arrival and the length of their stay, as the gates may be closed and the guards may not recognize you as someone that may have access to the grounds. Homeowner guests do not require a day pass as long as they are with the homeowner.
  2. Visitors and guests of renters will not be allowed without authorization and approval granted in advance. The authorization is valid for one day (but maybe extended or revoked) and expires at 10 pm. The administration reserves the right of refusal depending on previous behaviour, without explanations.
  3. The Condominium staff is contracted by the Management Board and receives their assignments from the Management Board. Homeowners needs should be addressed with their Area Representative or the Management Board. If the homeowner uses the HOA staff without HOA approval, he or she will be charged for the work performed. This includes grounds maintenance, guards, accountants, attorneys or any other professional contracted by HOA board. Renters should go through Condo Care or whomever they rented their unit from.
  4. Homeowner Association Fees are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice according to the due date printed on the invoice. If there is no due date printed on the invoice, then the full amount must be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice, regardless when you have received the invoice.
  5. Liquid starters or any other flammable or explosive materials are not allowed in the units or common grounds. Solid starters can be used for BBQs and can purchased at supermarket.
  6. Garbage must be discarded into the containers provided for this purpose and must be sorted for recycling as shown on the containers.

This Code has been approved by the Villa La Colina/DolceVita Homeowners Association Administrative Board , after input, review and comment by Homeowners who are on the  most current contact list.   Brian J. Hammond / President Elliott Velleman / Secretary Ashod Martirossian / Treasurer

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