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Special announcement by the HOA board:
In the face of coronavirus pandemic and directives from Costa Rican government and the WHO, the HOA board is announcing the security measures adopted to reduce the risk of the virus spread. Everyone knows that the Semana Santa is the time when many Costa Ricans come north to Coco, Hermosa and Ocotal area for the holidays.
To protect the owners and renters, the HOA board has decided to prohibit any new guests from entering or staying on our grounds. The pools and ranchos are closed to public. The homeowners must inform their potential renters that they must cancel their trip to Dolce Vita. Our security is instructed to turn back any newcomers or guests that will try to enter our grounds. In case of harassement the Police will be called to resolve the issue.
The restaurants and beaches are closed anyways, so there is no reason to come to Coco or Ocotal.
The homeowners may reimburse or credit the amounts already paid by your renters as it is done by hotels and airlines.

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